About the lamps: Art objects or light fixtures?

… a bit of Both.

I consider each lamp to be a functional art object.  Singularly or in a cluster they exist as both hand-crafted, hand-painted sculpture and light fixture.  

There are no prices listed because I would like to create these lamps for you on a commission basis.  I've made them for home and commercial environments; living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms and board meeting rooms… and of course, my own home!

All of the cylindrical lamp shells are 6 or 8 ply walnut.  They are not a veneer.  I personally build each fixture.  All of the paint application and staining are done by hand with the same craft and creativity I put in my art work.  Generally the diameter can span from 13" to 22".  Height can be roughly 9" to 18".  All the components used in the socket and cords are UL listed and approved.

Feel free to contact me anytime with questions: : 347-262-9015